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STUDENTS at the Zimbabwe School of Mines in Bulawayo yesterday staged a demonstration at the institution over alleged poor services which they said were in contrast with high fees they were paying.
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Sange - 25 Apr 2018 at 15:33hrs
One biggest weakness that we have as Zimbabweans, MDC-T in particular, is the inability to accept facts which then lead us to not using our heads as evidenced in violence and hate language. Chamisa was made to behave like a little boy when he tried to stage a coup on Khupe. Apart from the ill advises that he got from the NC and the unthinkably hurried decision to pertly take the reigns of power from Khupe, they never thought that Khupe was going to annoy them by sticking to the proper procedures of the party as spelt by the constitution. The supporters of MDC-T allowed themselves to swallow a hook by supporting a side tracked act of mischief and mis-governance, by making a lot of noise accusing Khupe of either being selfish or sellout, as some members were alleging, she was being used by the ZANU PF cronies to defeat the party. One wonders why people did not advise Chamisa to just follow the right procedures and get the reigns of power constitutionally. Him and many other MDC-T supporters were so myopic as to think that such an issue was just going to be accepted and die down just like that. Little did most of the supporters realize that you can never assume a leadership role by going against a laid down procedure. The processes have to be correctly followed so that one becomes a bonafide leader and then get support at a later stage. Chamisa lost it by trying to get the support of the people when he was on the wrong path. Such thinking has and shall cost the party a lot, more so as we have very little time to resolve this anomaly as observed by what has to be achieved this year 2018. Khupe will laugh last because Chamisa will not win this case in any court of law, considering that a lower organ of the party took a decision to mess the tracks of Chamisa by unlawfully disregarding the Congress way. Such a behavior we received from the NC will go down a long way in defeating what the people want, that is a chance for the opposition to change the face of politics in Zimbabwe. I keep urging those close to Chamisa to knock sense into him that He needs at this stage Khupe more than she needs her. Did you hear what Job Sikhala said today, that Khupe should return to reason? Which reason Mr. Sikhala, that Khupe embarrasses herself and retract? I honestly think that its wishful thinking on their part. As things stands, Khupe held an MDC-T Congress and decisions were made that she can never unilaterally reverse. Chamisa's side has not normalized their illegal mistake by calling a Congress which is the highest decision making organ of the party and His wrestle on power is still proxy, on behalf of the congress while on the other hand Khupe is endorsed. Here is what I think is most progressive. Chamisa and company must come back to their senses and build bridges with the Madam boss before its too late. They should apologize and offer to join Khupe without any conditions because only then would they also be included in the MDC-T, the one that's being led by Khupe and live to fight another day for the presidency of the party. This way, they are going to cause MDC-T to unite and fight for the elections as a unit. If for reasons stated above Khupe wins the law suite against Chamisa, how are we going to treat this predicament considering that there will be not enough time to redress the issue before elections. Guys, lets tell Chamisa to be reasonable and do the right thing. After all, there is always a tomorrow to fight for again and again. Chamisa has age to his advantage and should not be desperate at all. If this advise is not taken, believe you me, that we are heading for a disastrous path and betray the people's dream for a change.
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